The Climate Collective is a platform providing a space for people from any race, region, background, profession, and so forth, to share their personal stories and experiences of climate change.

We delve into the realms of anything, from art to economics, to allow YOU to express yourself openly on the issue of climate change.

The Climate Collective biographies

Myrtó Karydi.

“Hi everyone, my name is Myrto and I’ve been part of TCC for almost 6 years now. I’m an environmental and animal rights activist with a very loud laugh. I love travelling, I write songs, surf, and read books at an insane rate. My goal for the future is to work against animal poaching and smuggling and to fight towards better regulation of farms and slaughterhouses. I’m excited to hear all your stories and find out about climate change and YOU!

Sicily Fiennes

Growing up as a Londoner can give you 1 of 2 environmental perspectives. Either you’re a city gal and flourish in the concrete jungle, existing, and being unaware, or you see the bigger picture, and yearn for the green world outside. That was me! As keen conservationist, I love turtles, birds, writing, climbing, scuba diving- anything outside! The Climate Collective gives me constant hope that humanity can mitigate the destruction we have been causing.

Chris Vrettos

Hi everyone, I am from Athens (Greece) and I am studying socioecological systems at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. I am involved in the resistance against fossil fuels in Greece and I’m a member of Hyperion, the first solar energy community in Athens. I’m a big fan of politics, social justice, intersectionality, confrontations…and the sun!


Éadin O’Mahony

I grew up amidst the wild winds and waters of the Atlantic Ocean battering the coastline of Ireland, fortunate to have parents more than happy to spend countless days out in the elements. From a young age I have been taught to respect Planet Earth and all it has to offer, harnessing its energy whether through surfing its waves or digging up potatoes with my grandad in his garden. I’ve grown up in awe of Nature, and slowly this awe has sprouted a sense of protectiveness and of motivation to utilise this life I’ve got to help protect it from the hurt us humans are causing. My name is Éadin O’Mahony. I am twenty-three. I am a conservation biologist in training, and I am proud to be a co-founder of The Climate Collective – an initiative I hope is inspiring people to think, to feel and to act.

Mayra Salazar

Sunshine, Smiles, and Sustainability: A motto I try to live by. I’m currently studying Arts and Science at University College London, but am based in Panama otherwise. I’ve grown up a bit all over the world; with two bicultural parents so culturally I’ve always been a bit of a mosaic. What always remained constant for me globally, however, was my love and appreciation for nature. If it was volunteering with manatees in Belize or hiking around the mountains; I’m happiest outdoors. Other interests of mine include yoga, cooking, illustrating, and of course: women’s rights and reproductive health! I started with the Climate Collective as an Arts Ambassador but was then amazingly included as a full member of the team. Working with the Climate Collective has allowed me to talk to people about a topic that unites us all; Climate Change. So let’s grab some coffee and join the conversation!


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