For our Greek and Cypriot audience, check out this op-ed detailing why the #EastmedPoseidon fossil gas pipeline will be a disastrous project


We need to talk more about #biomass as a #renewableenergy form in the pursuit of #netzero2050

Energy is such a political and contested topic. We need to always remain critical

Delighted to have worked with such a brilliant team on this paper, & a personal milestone for me as my first ever publication! 🎉

Check out our @CSIROPublishing #marinemammal paper on:

@AcademicChatter @bcwhales_org

#Rewilding & #restoration need to be framed within the context of colonial activity, both where I work in Canada & right here at home in Ireland. (As, too, in many many other places globally.)

A thread 🦦

Resilient gardens, resilient communities, & intergenerational cooperation: the hands-on approach to fighting climate change. 👏

First the #AtlanticCoastPipeline cancelled and now the #dapl suspended (potential death blow). Great day for environmentalists in the US and worldwide. Direct action works! ✊ #NoDAPL #ACP

Clean cooking innovation in #India #Nepal #Bangladesh "Our Simi Stove has been designed to use Ethanol, which eliminates the emissions of carbon monoxide, particulate matter, toxic chemicals, and greenhouse gases"

Full story on our Facebook page 🌞

"It would be wonderful if careful research during this period of crisis helped us to find innovative ways of reining in our increasingly expansive lifestyles.. ..and to replace a sense of owning with a sense of belonging." 👏

Christian Rutz & team:

A brilliant thread for #WorldOceansWeek -- including stark reminders of why ocean conservation is a social justice issue, and that we need to do better. #BlackLivesMatter

Our co-founder @eadin_omahony chats with @mr_downie on the #biodiversity episode of @biologyhigher podcast! On this ep @DougAllan also shares some stories of his time in Antarctica filming for #DavidAttenborough 🐧 -- listen here:

Sofia Koulera, member of @SupportEarth2 "We plant the seeds of our demands and active resistance everywhere!

While we fight to withdraw the environmental bills in Greece (#aposyre_to), we will also prevent them from ever being implemented; we will annul them: #to_akyronoume."

Anne-Lyse Flores: " #COVID19 has affected (not just human) life in #Panama greatly. With a dramatic decrease in people out on the streets, flora and fauna have made a comeback in Clayton. Sloths, agoutis, coatis, different dove species, and nighthawks are making an appearance"

Highly problematic to see countries all over the world, from #Australia to #Greece talking about using gas in their #postcovid economic recoveries


Just finished co-facilitating a workshop on rural #degrowth #Seeds for @DegrowthVienna - I talked about Hyperion, the first solar energy community in #Athens which will provide clean energy access to tens of households facing energy poverty

@sachbon @NickClimate @AManero89

More of this: #Pakistan hired 63,000 people for its 10 billion tree project, with an emphasis in the inclusion of women and unemployed youth

@Germanwatch 2020 climate risk index: Pakistan ranks 5th on the countries worst affected by #ClimateChange

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