More of this: #Pakistan hired 63,000 people for its 10 billion tree project, with an emphasis in the inclusion of women and unemployed youth

@Germanwatch 2020 climate risk index: Pakistan ranks 5th on the countries worst affected by #ClimateChange

We need to think boldly - the world is changing and so must we. There's radical abundance in alternatives, we just need to seize it. #postgrowth #degrowth #BuildBackBetter

@NaomiAKlein's Shock Doctrine par excellence in #Greece - during the #covid19 lockdown the gvt passed a sweeping environmental bill allowing for oil and gas drilling in #Natura2000 protected areas. Now it's fast-tracking another 'tourism' bill 1/2

“I texted back my friend, “no I’m not coming to the beach today, I have to go be a tree in front of the parliament”

People are peacefully protesting an environmental bill that allows #Oil and #Gas drilling within #Natura2000 protected areas in #Greece

These are the 1st batch of tanks for clean water collection, being distributed to 4 communities on the Río Napo, Ecuador, thanks to your generous donations making this possible! 💦 Next steps include a 2nd batch of tanks for more families & filtration systems after that! #Amazon

There's often no going back after some of these Earth System #tippingpoints are passed - #ClimateChange #actnow #BuildBackBetter

Want to grow your own but don’t have a garden? Our very own Shaheda shares how she is able to grow her own veggies from her small balcony. Check out her step by step instructions 🌱 #KeepGrowing #growyourown


New #Climatelaw voted in #Spain - My issues are with the:
- Use of #biofuels for air transport
- Continued emphasis on #Growth
- New vehicles are #netzero emissions by 2040 - too late?

Overall, a step in the right direction though #BuildBackBetter

Penultimate #MothersDay post from Sine, mum of co-founder @sicilyfiennes: “I remember the first time my twin daughters, Sicily & Francesca, aged about 8, came home from school & started talking about what they’d learnt that day about climate change & how we all had to help..

Tune in TODAY for the live Q&A to my #ExSitu lecture on using whale snot as a source of DNA (& my advice to students thinking about a career in conservation biology), hosted by @opwall! Find the talk here:, live Q&A 4pm BST! 🐳 #alevels2020 #LeavingCert

This is the face of climate injustice. The #Vongfong typhoon hitting the #Philippines - the second country worst affected by #ClimateChange in the world, according to the Global Climate Risk Index 2020, by @Germanwatch #PeopleNotPolluters

We continue our #MothersDay feature with our co-founder Chris' mom: "Out Into: dance like the sea, move with the branches, be moved by the fictitious sciences, think by the octopi, stray with the dogs, fight for making oddkin, stay with the trouble" Full story on Facebook 🐌

First #MothersDay story comes from Mayra's mom: "Today I know, that crying when a tree falls or when nature is destroyed in front of your eyes, is not enough and I am very proud of children, who do protest in public." Full story on Facebook/Instagram🌞

Happy #mothersday2020 ! We wanted to take a moment to honour all the amazing mothers at the moment, who especially in the coronavirus crisis are balancing work, kids, household, and holding everything (and themselves) together (1/3)

More of this please! Do you know of other best practise #PostCovid19 stories? Let us know! #BuildBackBetter #PeopleNotPolluters

Lockdowns are easing around the world. Voices are amplifying that we must not go back to normal. Let's draw inspiration from grassroots initiatives around the world with transformative potential @SeedsGA #PostCovid19

Polluter-pay model for #oilspills in Canada - but bitumen is thought to spread quickly and mainly sink, making is very difficult to clean up. So really, is this model enough? #TransMountainPipeline

The @Chuffed 'Surviving the Spill' fundraiser was a huge success, with more than double the target raised in 10 days! Water, rain tanks & filtration systems are now being organised by the international team of scientists & Sani community members #oilspill #COVID19 #ecuador

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